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Light Moves. Programme 2 - Imprints

Dance Limerick Performance Space - Dance Limerick Performance Space (St. John's church), John's Square, Limerick

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Rite of Passage
2020 | Indonesia | 3’21”
Director: Olivia Griselda
Choreographer: Anang Setiawan, Jocelyn Chng
Composer / Sound: Heather Andrews
Company: Cinemovement

A man enters a passage and must choose to embrace either the persistence of time or the will of nature. Through improvised movement and choreography, this film is a playful meditation on body, space and the present moment.

Atali'i O Le Crezent (Sons of the Crezent)

2022 | Ireland / New Zealand |10’49”
Director: Brendan Canty
Choreographer: Villa Junior Lemanu
Composer / Sound: Tom Morris, Daithí O'Dronai, Ian Ring, Creation Kit
Company: Film Construction

With his neighbourhood under threat from gentrification, a young man recalls his youth, his roots and his upbringing through spoken word, memories and dance.

Her way 她的方式

2022 | Ireland |10’49”
Director: Kexin Huang, Wuxun Du
Choreographer: Kexin Huang
Composer / Sound: Qunfeng Lu / Kexin Huang, Nahelli Chovaya, Amir Sabra, Qunfeng Lu
Premiere: Yes

In Her way 她的方式, Kexin uses Chinese cultural elements to express her embodied history and experience as a feminist Chinese female dancer. She shows us the struggles, contradictions, and hopes that she has experienced by being a woman in a world dominated by the male gaze.


2022 | Ireland | 6’01”
Director / Choreographer: Fearghus Ó Conchúir with performers
Filmmakers: Luca Truffarelli, Jose Miguel Jiminez
Music: MuRli
Company: Step Up Dance Project

Abú - A shout of support and a wish for flourishing. Drawing on Gaelic games and the communities involved in them, Step Up presents choreography to celebrate the commitment, care and passion it takes to make a strong team.

Floating on a Dead Sea

2021 | Ireland / Palestine | 30’42”
Director / Choreographer: Catherine Young
Filmmaker: Luca Truffarelli
Composer / Sound: Mohammed Omar (original music), Fiona Sheil (design)
Floating on a Dead Sea puts the body and movement at the heart of things, and places us in the footsteps of ordinary Palestinians, giving us a sense of their enduring sense of injustice, urgency and need for action.

Amid the Noise and the Haste

2021 | UK | 11’5”
Director / Sound: Colin Norrby
Choreographers: The cast
Company: Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

Amid the Noise and the Haste is created from the Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement project 'Together Alone: Solos in the City' where 20 dancers of varying ages performed a series of solos in more than 50 outdoor locations in Derry and surrounding area.