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The Competition

An Interactive Feis

Web Event - (GMT+0000) Ireland Time

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The Competition is an innovative exploration of competitive Irish dance feiseanna and explores the exhilarating highs of winning and the crushing blows of losing – but the ultimate decision of who walks away in first place lies in your hands. During this light-hearted look inside the world of competition, 4 dancers and 2 musicians will navigate their way through 5 rounds of intense rivalry and battle it out to win your vote using our online voting system. Your decision as an audience member will have a real-time effect on every moment in the show and each night will be truly unique.

What is it like to be at the top and how do you stay there? What does winning mean and is there ever a loser? Who is your biggest competitor? What is your biggest competition?

Choreographer/director: Kristyn Fontanella
 Sarah Fennell, James Greenan, Laura Lundy, Yuki Noyima
Paddy Kiernan, Dale McKay
 Bryan Quinn
Lighting Design & Operator:
 Susan Collins
Live Video Production: 
Lucy Dawson
 Jane Hanberry
Production Manager:
 Darach Ó Ruairc
Creative Consultant:
 Johnathan Tweedie
Live Video Production:
 Shane Vaughan
Costume Designer & Maker:
 Cherie White