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What Next - Saturday Triple Bill

Dance Limerick Performance Space - Dance Limerick Performance Space (St. John's church), John's Square, Limerick

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Chameleon by Joseph Simon

Can I be a chameleon? And if so, what would it look like if I transform into different colours? In Chameleon choreographer/dancer Joseph Simon researches the different movement languages he himself embodies. Some languages are hard to master, others are spoken by many or closely related to each other. By asking himself if it is possible to clearly distinguish the different languages his body holds, Joseph takes you on a surprising, physical journey.

An Chuach by Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín

The cuckoo’s arrival in May is greeted with joy signalling the start of summer and yet; the cuckoo lays its eggs in other birds nest, destroying its hosts offspring. Perhaps, the cuckoo serves as a reminder of the delicate intertwining of light and dark. This solo, An Chuach (the cuckoo) explores sensations of connection and disconnection that shift and evolve in relation to place and personal histories. This work includes elements of improvisation, text and recorded voice, it features live music by drummer Solamh Kelly

1P,2P, 3P by Teatime Company

An exploration into how two people with differences and similarities create, play, work and share the stage together.‘The performance was delivered with precision, with care. A fine combination between the practicality of action in circus with the ongoing transitional flow of dance.