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Risks, Rights & Reputations Lab

Dance Limerick - St John's Church, John's Square, Limerick

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Rita Marcalo and Kristina Lomas of Instant Dissidence invite you to explore Risks, Rights & Reputations.

What is the role and responsibility of the arts and the artists in ensuring that we continue to be brave in our work, manage ethical choices, and challenge the growth of a risk-averse culture?

For the arts sector to thrive and grow, we need to take risks. But what does it mean to take an artistic risk?

In this session we will explore what artistic risk looks like and why it is important. We will also consider the steps that need to be taken in order for artists, commissioners and audiences to create and experience art that is challenging, provocative and sometimes uncomfortable.

Over the course of the day you will hear from guest speakers Rita Marcalo (Artistic Director of Instant Dissidence) and Kristina Lomas (Project Manager for Instant Dissidence), and through guided activities and discussion, explore and develop your own ideas for new projects and approaches.

This workshop is aimed at artists, commissioners and potential arts participants and audience members.

This workshop follows on from Rita and Kris taking part in the Arts Council England funded What Next? RRR Ambassadors Programme. This programme aims to support the creative industries to continue to take creative and programming risks and to identify the benefits that this brings artists and arts organisations to thrive and survive.