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Dance Limerick Performance Space - Dance Limerick Performance Space (St. John's church), John's Square, Limerick

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Princesses Can Be Pirates by Mónica Muñoz Marín

This dance show is an energetic, fun and whimsical duet that seeks to playfully questions and explores what is considered typical or normal behaviour for girls and for boys. Two extraordinary performers join forces as they journey in the unknown! Great for the young and old alike.

Come With Me by Rachel Sheil

The piece is an invitation into a world of colour, humour and the ludicrous. A cartoon world, where there are different rules, different realities and a different kind of freedom. From the mediums of Western animation and Japanese anime, as well as comic books and video games, Sheil derived playful movement that may not make conventional sense...but since when did cartoons ever do that!?

Le Somnambule - Kévin Coquelard

In this solo Kévin Coquelard translates impulses into motion with his depiction of a trance-like state during sleepwalking. The antics take place in a chaotic mind. Well known/classical music accompany this riotous piece and stays with the audience long after the performance ends.