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What Next - Prog 1: Transitions

Dance Limerick Performance Space - Dance Limerick Performance Space (St. John's church), John's Square, Limerick

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In Struggle We Hope – Tobi Omoteso

A breath-taking dynamic performance taking influence from their different cultural backgrounds. Street dance / B-Boy inspired by the indigenous abstract movements of Lagos, Nigeria and violin music from a fusion of traditional and classical styles present a conversation on struggle and hope by bringing a mesmeric and captivating display of original sights and sounds. The piece is well founded on Tobi and Leo’s lifelong experiences of music and movement and the importance of such artistic expression in harder times. The audience experiences a different performance each time due to the performers’ energies.

Nascanna - Liam Scanlon

In this duet sean nós dancer Liam Scanlon and fiddler Cathal Ó Curráin delve into the connections and relationship between traditional dance and music. This improvised dance piece centres around the impulse that makes you want to dance and express yourself at the right time. Touching on senses of identity and place and how those who’ve gone before us can make us who we are today, Nascanna explores the interplay of who is in control and who determines the course of the conversation.

deis/mireacht - Oran Leong

deis - device / facility / opening / opportunity
mireacht - momentum / rate / speed
deismireacht - touch / embellishment / fine stylistic illustration

Leong’s contemporary solo takes reference from the transition between a traditional dance style to contemporary through the embellishment of touch and response.

Le Somnambule – Kévin Coquelard

In this solo Kévin Coquelard translates impulses into motion with his depiction of a trance-like state during sleepwalking. The antics take place in a chaotic mind. Well known/classical music accompany this riotous piece and stays with the audience long after the performance ends.