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Artist Talk on Collaborative Projects

Dance Limerick Performance Space - Dance Limerick Performance Space (St. John's church), John's Square, Limerick

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Artist Talk on Collaborative Projects with Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli

Performing Encryption

Thinking around all the concepts of VR and surveillance and combining it with an interest in rematerialisation led Gibson and Martelli to make a collaborative project with Susan Kozel that came out of discussion about encryption and privacy and then became about digital archiving.

We Are Here And We Are Everywhere At Once

Following on from a residency in New Zealand, WAHAWAEWAO began with experiments with performers experiencing virtual landscapes inside the mocap lab and motion-capturing their responses to these ersatz terrains.

Capture the Flag

The original concept for Capture the Flag was to create a flag for VR – a metaphor for the uncontested territory of cyberspace. During development some kind of error in attaching the cloth to a physics simulation caused it to exhibit an unplanned behaviour, it appeared to run away. The duo decided the poetic solution was to keep it, merely adding a following 3rd person camera viewpoint framing the flag in an ever-changing, never-ending shot.