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Light Moves Lab with Gibson/Martelli

Mocap + Virtual Reality workshop

The Irish World Academy of Music & Dance - The Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, An Cuarbhóthar Theas, Log Na gCapall, Garraun, Limerick, Ireland

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The Light Moves Screendance Lab is a three-day workshop that invites participants to experience the exciting potential of immersive technologies that are becoming ever more available across the arts and society. The Lab is open to dancerschoreographersmedia artists and film-makers. It will introduce these technologies and open the door to the many possibilities that are emerging across and between these disciplines.

Altered States, Alternate Landscapes shares artists Gibson/Martelli's research and process in works such as Falling Upwards and MAN A VR. The workshop opens kinaesthetic awareness through self-exploration and active engagement in Motion Capture & Virtual Realities channelling the teaching and philosophy of Skinner Releasing Dance Technique. Participants will experience and experiment with performance technologies to discover how we respond to ourselves, others and environments in these ‘new spaces'.An invitation to play, explore, record, draw and move in and around these new spaces afforded by Mixed Realities. Felt experience in new landscapes, sensations, affect, perceptions in a new arena permits, prompts new configurations, articulations, shifts in the imaginary. Performance in immersive experiences questions the role of the somatic in digital environments. Altered States allows for new approaches and new ideas in an expanding choreographic field.

This practical workshop begins with simple VR drawing packages which capture movement as non-temporal sequences. Gibson/Martelli will demonstrate how different packages can be used to create virtual environments. Building onto this, participants will get hands-on experience with  motion capture in order to record their own sequences. Gibson/Martelli offer practical advice on preparing for performance capture sessions with commercial studios to minimise costs. Participants will be encouraged to improvise in the system, responding to virtual environments with a view to creating new virtual environments.


The Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, An Cuarbhóthar Theas, Log Na gCapall, Garraun, Limerick, Ireland (Get Directions)